Specialized Pipeline Products

F4 Manufactures Specialized  Pipeline Products for low pressure Utility & Process lines
Low / High Pressure Encapsulation / Repair Clamps

F4 Manufactures Encapsulation / Repair Clamps that have been Designed to Withstand all Pipeline Pressure applications and offer a quick yet Professional Solution to a Leaking Pipe.

These Clamps can be supplied with a Ring Seal for localized damage.
Installed mechanically using captive Bolts in bespoke size ranges to suit your Pipeline needs.
Insert / Power Valves

Insert / Power Valves they are a latest development in the Oil & Gas, Water and Process Pipeline field where a fully functional Valve is inserted into a Pipeline. Standard Valve Operating devices can operate the valve rated up to 16 bar Pressure.

Sizes3 Inch to 12 Inch
Standard Pressure16 Bar
Combine Valve Tee

Combine Valve Tee has been Designed as a Full Bore Inline Construction Valve that allows Under Pressure & Line Stop Drilling to take place in a fraction of the time. These unique Designs have a Large Tolerance to cover all Cast, Ductile, Steel, PVC and AC Pipelines. All Fittings are Pressure rated to 16 bar working. Flange patterns available are PN16 and Class 150. The Combined Valve Tees can be re-used for Line Stop re-entries further in time.

Sizes3 Inch to 12 Inch
Pressure RatingANSI 150#